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1 Day hair extension training workshop and learn two techniques

June 28, 2011 Leave a comment

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Learn 2 hair extension techniques in our 1 day workshop and start earning £000’s

The Hair Extensions  Phenomena

– How YOU Can Easily Become a Hair extension Technician –

If you are like most people, the thought of generating ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND pounds in under 30 months can feel totally unreachable given the current economical climate at the moment.  It isn’t! 

It’s easier than you would ever believe possible and our one day hair extension workshop will put your feet on the first steps to making it a reality.  We will prove that to you… as we train you in two techniques and share some of our success secrets of How to get involved in the hair extension business.

If you want to be independant, financially viable and enjoy what you love doing, join us at this one day workshop where some of our self-made hair extension and hair loss enhancement consultants will prove that to you as they share their own secrets of why they do what they do.  

But you have to like making people look beautiful

Feel better about their appearance

and make them feel confident about spending hundreds of pounds with you.

Pre-register your place now for just £10.00

Total Cost for 1 day workshop £350.00 (two techniques!)

1 day workshopThe One day hair extension workshop is for any one coming from any type of background who wants to aspire in the hair extension and hair enhancement business.

The One day hair extension workshop is  also for established hair stylist, beauty therapist, nail extension consultants, alternate therapists and barbers wants to extend their services to include hair extensions and hair enhancement consultancy.

The One day hair extension workshop is a step by step introduction to two practical hair extension techniques that won’t damage your clients hair, a practical and worthwhile career that will help you take control of your life and create the kind of wealth most people only ever dream of.

It’s designed for the person who hasn’t a clue about how to go about getting started in this sector, the businesswoman, for the sales person, for the coach or consultant, for the network marketer, and the stay-at-home mum. It’s for any person who is looking to grow, discover, and be inspired to greater things through great examples of other successful self made entrepreneur.

Get ready to be inspired and moved to action.


According to a recent BBC report, the number of self made entrepreneur is set to rise. Even more surprising Women are set to represent more than half of Britain’s entrepreneurs by 2020 , according to a UK think tank.

Are you ready to find out  how hair can make you financial secure?


Pay £10 to reserve your place (non refundable) We will then acknowlege your pre-registration, ask you to complete a formal registration form. Full payment due before workshop date.


Diane Shawe Author of Getting started in the hair extension business London

Kirsten McGrath Owner of Urban Hair extensions training School Ireland


Andrew Morley Hair Salon, Owner Tunbridge Wells

Jennifer Williams Owner Alive & Klippin Hair Loss Dept Swansea

The Hair Extension Market

It is estimated that the UK and European market for Hair Extensions is worth a staggering 30.7 billion per annum of which majority comes from training and merchandising courses .

As this trend is growing, it is becoming more and more evident that people are seeking out training courses to become skilled at this new and growing hair enhancement and replacement opportunity, providing them not just with job satisfaction but  premium income streams.

We will be compiling in the very near future a directory of our qualified consultants. You will be able to contact them for hair extensions in the are of their specialism.


Do comments help your website SEO?

When I have reviewed some of the comments placed on youtube, I cringe. It certainly does not encourage you to  allow any type of comments to be randomly placed on your own websites or blogs.  But if you’ve been wondering whether or not you should allow comments on your business or personal blog, allow me to add some fodder for your decision making analysis.

Comments on your blog help you optimize your website and make it easier to be found for more key phrases and for the key phrases you are already targeting.    How is that?  well….

search engines love content.  I know most of us think content is dead, and that video and social media are the optimum SEO’s. But the more the content, search engines are drawn to it like bee to honey.   In other words, that 300-word blog post you wrote yesterday will get more search engine traction when it has 20 comments on it.

There are three ways blog comments help you:

a) Blog commentators will use the same key phrases in their comments that you used in your blog post. That will mean more instances of the keyword on the page and therefore you are more likely to be found for that key phrase.

b) Blog commentators will also use related key phrases that you didn’t use in your blog post. That will result in your blog post being found for key phrases that you didn’t target.

c) Thirdly, some blog posts, like forum posts, appear as separate pages in the search engines. Note that I said “some”. In order for your blog posts to appear as separate pages they’ll have to be threaded and coded just so.

Blog comments help you optimize your business website, it is particularly useful if you are trying to brand or generate interest. I strongly encourage you to allow at least permission based comments on your business blog to increase your search engine optimisation.  If someone writes something or wants to link an inappropriate website to your you can terminate or trash the link before it goes live.

With lots of websites offering back links, text links and link exchange, this is one of the quickest ways to generate the same think without it costing you anything or taking up too much of your time.

Author Diane Shawe

December 3, 2010 1 comment

What they don’t tell you about getting started in the hair extension business.

ebook: £7.99 Paperback £12.99

“The first ebook to advise you on ‘What they don’t tell you about Getting started in the hair extension business’

Now out in paperback.

This “little ebook” (one of its advantages is its manageable size) is great for exactly what it says, a really practical guide for someone wanting to start up in this obviously very fruitful and expanding field.  It is rather surprising that there seems to be nothing much available just on this subject – certainly every lady I know without exception has extensions!

The length and approach seem to be just about right, and the effectiveness of someone who is perhaps not all that well informed initially, but enthusiastic, will be definitely increased by having this book to turn to from time to time.  The information is accessible; Diane evidently knows her subject backwards, but the reader is in no way subjected to overload.  The title is excellent and will lead the Internet searcher straight to the right place.”

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