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Author Diane Shawe

December 3, 2010 1 comment

What they don’t tell you about getting started in the hair extension business.

ebook: £7.99 Paperback £12.99

“The first ebook to advise you on ‘What they don’t tell you about Getting started in the hair extension business’

Now out in paperback.

This “little ebook” (one of its advantages is its manageable size) is great for exactly what it says, a really practical guide for someone wanting to start up in this obviously very fruitful and expanding field.  It is rather surprising that there seems to be nothing much available just on this subject – certainly every lady I know without exception has extensions!

The length and approach seem to be just about right, and the effectiveness of someone who is perhaps not all that well informed initially, but enthusiastic, will be definitely increased by having this book to turn to from time to time.  The information is accessible; Diane evidently knows her subject backwards, but the reader is in no way subjected to overload.  The title is excellent and will lead the Internet searcher straight to the right place.”

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